Grinding Wheels

Looking for a grinder wheel specifically designed for a pedestal or bench grinder machine? You’ll find a range of wheels to suit a variety of purposes at BST Group.

Our bench grinder wheels are colour-coded for easy identification, with our range including:

  • Grey aluminium oxide for general purpose grinding
  • White aluminium oxide for hardened tools and alloy steel
  • Green silicon carbide for work with tungsten carbide

Each colour comes in a range of sizes. Our black mounted points also come in a selection of sizes.

Quality products backed by excellent customer service

At BST Group, we pride ourselves on stocking only the best abrasives that offer quality service. Our range is no exception; we supply our customers with the most trusted brands, such as Norton.

Each quality product is backed by our excellent customer service. All purchases over $250 receive free shipping across Australia, so if you’re looking for grinder supplies, place your order with us now!

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