Imagine what you could do with a VersaDrive Site Installation Kit


BST Group presents the VersaDrive system, a specialist range of cutting tools and adapters designed for metalwork.

These innovative tools are the world’s first modular cutting system. They enable the same tool to be used across handheld cordless drills, impact drivers and wrenches as well as heavier duty workshop tools like magnetic base drills and pedestal drill presses.

Fast Tool Changeover
Faster cuts
Longer Life
Save time, money & increase productivity
Speed, safety and controlled power

The VersaDrive range features a wide selection of drill bits, countersinks, taps, reamers and more.

Expertly engineered, these tools speed up traditional metalworking processes, whilst offering precise results and increased ease of working.


The VersaDrive Patent Protected Shank System

VersaDrive Patent-Protected Hex shank design fits into all standard drill chucks. Three concentric lock positions give perfect alignment and accuracy when the tooling is used in any of the modular adapters. No slipping in the chuck like standard tools.

Engineered for Rotary & Impact


The VersaDrive rotary rated range of tools have been designed for slow speed applications like heavy duty tapping, countersinking or broaching with a hole saw. Optimal performance can be achieved by cutting with the tip and flutes of the tool. VersaDrive provides excellent cutting performance whilst outlasting any comparable tool on the market.



VersaDrive’s range of Impact Rated tools and adapters offer precise performance for high speed applications like drilling, reaming and tapping. Phenomenal cutting performance is achieved through the design of the tool, cutting with the double hardened edges of the cutting face rather than the tip.


VersaDrive Site Installation Kit - 30pc Metric

The Site Installation Kit features a range of essential tooling for the professional. It combines an indispensable set of best-selling VersaDrive products to overcome all common site installation and steel erection hole making challenges.

 Presented in a high quality ABS case with foam insert, the kit includes:
1/4" Impact Driver Adapter
1/2" Impact Wrench Adapter
Magnetic Based Drill Adapter
SDS Adapter
300mm Extension Arbor
Hex Keys 3, 4, 5mm
Spare Pilot Drill & Pilot Pin
Step Drill 22mm
Impact Reamers 10, 14, 18, 22mm
ImpactaTaps M8, M10, M12, M16, M20
TurboTip Drill Bits 6.8mm, 8.5mm, 10.5mm, 12mm, 14mm
Countersinks 16.5mm, 20.5mm, 25.0mm
TCT HoleCutters complete with Arbor & Pilot Drill/Spring 14, 18, 22, 26mm

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