System7 Work Benches Eat Other Benches for Breakfast

When the System7 design crew first gathered around to discuss their next generation of workbenches, one of the main considerations was to make them the strongest on the world market.

The benches also had to adhere to government DDA regulations (there are ranges of benches that are designed for the wheelchair bound). They had to be made in Australia from locally sourced materials. And, quite frankly, they had to look great.

With this in mind, and after over a year of designing, prototyping and building, the Kube Bench collection was born.

Made in Australia, using top quality, load-bearing steel frames and thick wood or metal bench tops, these workshop workhorses did not only look fantastic, but also super strong.

But, how could System7 prove that they are indeed the strongest work benches on the market? The obvious answer was to put heavy stuff on them.

(Please note, that the following sequence of tests were carefully calculated and conducted under the strictest supervision. Do not try this at home!)

Firstly, one of the heftier members of the crew volunteered to test the strength of the Kube2… by standing on it.

The bench seemed to be insulted by this paltry offering.

So, another crew member joined.

But the combined weight of well over 200kgs was not even registered by the Kube.

Next test was 950kg of cold, hard steel.

The Kube workbench did not even break a sweat over it.

Then someone joked that we should put a car on it. After the laughter dispersed, the possibilities emerged.

After much consideration, we decided to gingerly place a VW Golf on top of two Kube2 Workbenches. Although the German champion weighed in at a considerable 1,400kg…

… it was easily defeated by the robust Aussie bench battler.

How could we beat that? How about a bigger car?


The next, and ultimate challenger was the almighty Dodge RAM 1500, which may be a master of the road, but will it be a master in the workshop?

This is one beast of a vehicle! Weighing in at a whopping 2.5 tonnes, it has an impressive wheelbase of over 1.9m and length of almost 6m. They boast that they “Eat Utes for Breakfast”. 

So, will a couple of Kube2 workbenches crumble under the literal pressure of this monster of a ute?

Take a look at the above video... [Spoiler Alert] System7 benches – they eat other benches for breakfast