Sanding Belts

Sanding Belts

Australia's Best Sanding Belts

BST Group stocks an extensive range of sanding belts and belt cleaning tools that are suitable for every application. Bulk savings available. Fast delivery Australia wide.

Aluminium Oxide sanding belts, the most popular, are affordable, durable and efficient at sanding wood and metal.
Zirconia Aluminia sanding belts are ideal for high pressure machining and grinding applications, as they are 5x tougher than Aluminium Oxide.
Ceramic Grain sanding belts are self sharpening and the coolest grinding, which makes it perfect for heat sensitive materials.
Trizact sanding belts are most suited for fine finish applications for metals like stainless steel, chromium, nickel and cobalt-based.

We also supply Scotch Brite sanding belts and portable sanding belts for your portable sanding machine.

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