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Carbide Burrs

For precision filing and finishing, browse through BST Group’s selection of carbide burrs. Available in a range of shapes and with the option of a 6mm or ¼” shank, we can supply the burr you need. We also supply burr sets, with a complete range of shapes, including cylindrical and tree ends.

At BST Group, we pride ourselves on providing quality products – and our carbide burrs are no exception. Made of high quality carbide with CNC precision-ground flutes, these burrs will provide repeatable, chatter-free operations. The addition of 100% inspection ensure that they will maintain structural integrity under high temperatures.

You can easily order carbide burrs online and have them delivered straight to your work place or home, Australia-wide. With our money back guarantee, you can be confident you’ll receive the high-quality product you need – or get your money back.

File, cut, and drill with ease – order your carbide burrs today.